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2009 CD Release

The Mountain Trilogy
Some Things Are Meant To Be
Till Someone Comes Along
You Make Me Feel Brand New
A Matter Of Time
When It All Comes Down
Climb On
Change Your Mind
Let It Be Now

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The following CDs are also available

Shake Me
Another Fresh Start
Goin' South
Mississippi River
The Old Man In The Park
The Game
Every Dog Will Have It's Day
Sentimental Journey


Pretentious People
Give And Take
Your Good-bye
Maybe You Should Hear It First From Me
Who I Am
You'll Never Know
Someone's Gotta Do It
The Children
I Don't Think I'm In Roswell, Anymore
Looking For You


It's All In Your Heart
We're Going Out Tonight
Danny Boy
Beneath The Stars Above
How It Feels
Look To Your Heart
Your Evil Ways
All Alone
What She Does


In Every Way (Home Studio)
Self-Made Man (The Romens - Jam)
Let's Go For A Ride (Heavy Water - Single)
She Sees You (Heavy Water - Single)
I Don't Need You (OTIS - Demo)
Mississippi River (Stage Fright - Live)
Shake Me (Rodeo Joe - Live Brodcast)
Life Goes On (Home Studio)


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