Heavy Water

March 5, 6 & 7, 1971:  Most of our gigs were area shcools, local parking lots, and the 4H Fairgrounds.  This was an opportunity to play the big city - Louisville, Kentucky.  It ended up being a hole-in-the-wall teen center, in a bad part of town.  They were even a day late starting the advertising.

Record cover - "Let's Go For A ride" / "She Sees You"

I had written a few songs, and we were getting a good reaction to "Let's Go For A ride".  We had made a garage recording of the song, and Byron Rohrig, a DJ at the local radio station, had been playing it on the air.  We found a little recording studio in Fairdale, Kentucky that offered a 45 package - Studio time and 500 singles for $500, as I recall.  On May 8, 1971 we all had our first experience in a recording studio... and it was glorious!

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January 7 &  8, 1972

Steve had left the band in september, so we decided to continue to work as a 3-piece.  This was the final gig.  Notice the attempt to capitalize on the fact that we had a record!

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